If I was a super hero, my super power would be…



Superman, Batman and the Power-Puff Girls are all names synonymous with saving the day from the likes of an evil villain set out to destroy mankind. Ooooh chills. Nowadays, though, our cinema and television screens are bombarded with movies and series about superheroes saving the day (or night in some cases).

From Iron Man to Thor, and Vampire Diaries (yes I do consider them to be super) to Teen Wolf, our screens are filled with images of good and evil wherever we go. Which brings me to my question that I’ve been dwelling on for a few days, “If I was a superhero, what would my superpower be?”

In season four of the Fox hit show Glee they did an episode entitled “Superheroes” – I know a lot more about Glee than about Marvel comics – each of the characters, including the late Finn Hudson, had to dress up as a Superhero that best described their personality.

GleePhoto credit: Entertainment Weekly

The big Gleek that I am wanted to join in the fun, so I sat and I thought, what would my super power be – because after all, its the superpower that determines your super name. If I had to consider a name based on my personality it would more than likely be some thing along the lines of “The Wittiness” because “Sarcastic Wonder” is both an oxymoron and a villain-y sounding name, and we can’t have that. My super power will be to confuse the villain with my “Wealth of Wit” (my weapon of choice)

Anyone can be a super hero these days. Although a cape does look fun to wear and underwear over your tights may be a look you’d like to try, wearing a plaid skirt, work shirt and glasses is just as great. Heroes are everywhere. Superheroes like to make a spectacle.

So after all of this, I think the best super power to have is to be yourself. There is no-one that can replicate that, and there is no force strong enough to stop that power. So be true to you, it could save the world. 😉




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